Student Financial Aid

The University of Toronto appreciates that students with families may have atypical financial needs, especially arising from their need for child care.

Domestic undergraduate and graduate students who apply for OSAP will be considered for a study grant, which is available to students with children. Furthermore, the University of Toronto Advance Planning for Students (UTAPS) will look into topping up any unmet need through a non-repayable grant. Canadian students who are from other provinces should ensure that they contact Enrolment Services for a UTAPS application early on in the fall session. Unfortunately, international students are not eligible for this funding.

Undergraduate students experiencing difficulty due to unexpected costs related to child care are encouraged to contact their financial aid counsellor at their college for assistance. In preparation for such a meeting, preparing a monthly and sessional budget is often useful.

Graduate students with extenuating financial circumstances should speak to a financial counsellor with Student Services and Awards in the School of Graduate Studies. There are also emergency grants available for unexpected and unforeseeable circumstances. A graduate student may also want to contact their department about financial aid options.

Enrolment Services has compiled a list of awards available to current University of Toronto students on an annual basis. The list can be found on the Award Competitions section of their site.

Additional Resources

UTSU Dollars for Daycare Grant

Full-time and part-time St. George undergraduate students with financial need related to child care expenses can apply. International students with children are also eligible to apply. Values of the UTSU Dollars for Day Care Grants can vary depending on individual student need and available funding.

To apply, you can download the application form from U.T.S.U. or pick up the application form from

  • Family Care Office at 214 College Street
  • UTSU St. George at 12 Hart House Circle

You can also download the form (PDF) here.

The forms should be dropped off at the Family Care Office. Deadline is March 1st, 2017.

CUPE 3902 - Unit 1 Childcare Fund

The Unit 1 Collective Agreement has provisions for a Childcare Financial Assistance Fund. All members of Unit 1 (registered UofT students and post-docs working as teaching assistants, course instructors, lab demonstrators, marker-graders, etc.) who held an appointment of at least 30 hours in the bargaining unit during the relevant entitlement period are eligible to apply to the fund.

All childcare claims that fit the Canada Revenue Agency's definition of "child care expenses" will be eligible for claims (including playschools, after-school programs, day camps, etc., as long as the child is under 16 years of age). Please keep receipts for any childcare expenses for submission. Please contact CUPE 3902 for deadlines and details.