Talk to a Family Care Office Peer Mentor!

Our peer mentors are from diverse backgrounds - men and women, undergraduates and graduates, some are dealing with elder care and others with child care or some with both. Don't feel shy; the peer mentors would like to meet with you!

Meet a peer mentor to chat wherever you are, and whenever you can!
Feeling anxious and overwhelmed? Does it seem like you are the only student on campus with family responsibilities? Reach out to a peer mentor to chat wherever you are, and whenever you can. Get some candid advice from another student on how to balance the demands of children with assignment deadlines and tests. Or, perhaps you are caring for another family member, or have a specific question on child care or on getting your toddler to sleep! We have mentors available in the office every Wednesday, from 3 to 5 pm and you can just drop by. You can also access a mentor by emailing our office so you can determine the best way to communicate. We will be having some Mix & Mingle activities during the fall and winter as well.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions.



Peer Mentors