Emergency Childcare

Kids & Company Backup Childcare

What is Backup Childcare?
Backup Childcare is an innovative service that complements a family's existing childcare arrangements when there is a breakdown. For example, you may need assistance because your nanny quits, your sitter is ill, the daycare is closed, or there is a PD day at school. Kids and Company provides a wide range of age appropriate activities keeping children active and interested; 2 snacks and a hot lunch is provided; all menus are approved by a registered dietitian. All locations are open from 7:00 am - 6:00 pm.

Possible Uses:

  • Help with the transition from home to the childcare environment
  • Enables you to attend important appointments
  • Your nanny or usual caregiver is off sick or on holidays

Cost & Usage
The cost to participate in this program is an annual membership fee per named child (not per family) of $350 for up to 15 visits, to any of existing locations at any time within U of T's 12 month membership term (January to December).

Registration Process
You may register for this service online at Kids and Company. When you are registering, you will be asked to choose your company. Staff and faculty, please select "University of Toronto - Employees" and students, please select "University of Toronto - Student". Please contact a location site directly after registering to confirm if space is available on a particular day. If you have questions, you can contact Sharon Shoolman sshoolman@kidsandcompany.com or 905.771.1153 ext. 1030

In the Community

Below is information about the childcare centres that accept children on an emergency basis. There are some restrictions and conditions, please contact the centres directly for more information.

Scadding Court Community Centre
Dundas St. W. & Bathurst: 416-392-0335 Ext: 235

Scadding Court Community Centre offers emergency and occasional child care. Parents should call the centre on the morning of when the services is required. A maximum of ten children at any given time is allowed.

Parent Resources
Gerrard & Leslie: 416-463-5399

Parent Resources is a drop in service. Parents are encouraged to spend time at the centre at least once before dropping their child off for emergency care.

College Montrose Children's Place
College & Shaw: 416-532-9485 Ext. 221 or 225
Dufferin & Dundas: 416-533-2829

Parents should call ahead. Children should be familiar with the centre before receiving emergency care.

Gerrard Resource Centre
Bloor St. E. & Sherbourne: 416-972-1319 Ext. 54

Parents should call ahead preferably a week or at least 2-3 days prior. The centre can provide continuing care of up to two weeks.